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Michael's script for the TV movie, DEADLY VENGEANCE (written by MIchael Perronne) was produced and shot by Titan Global Entertainment and MarVista Entertainment and premiered on Lifetime Movie Network in October 2019.  "New school headmaster and single mother Kathy discovers her vacation fling with charming 18-year-old Ian was no accident when he transfers to her school with a dangerous scheme targeting Kathy and her teenage daughter Bree. Ian wants revenge as he believes Kathy is responsible for splitting up his family leading to his father's death. Kathy will need to uncover Ian's motives quickly if she hopes to protect herself and Bree from his dangerous threats." Gina Holden, Jessica Belkin, Mitchell Hoog, David Lipper star.

In July 2020, Michael's script for the thriller SAVING MY DAUGHTER (written by Michael Perronne) starring Alicia Leigh Wills and Ashley Jones was shot on location in Georgia by Feifer Worldwide/Reel One Entertainment to premiere on Lifetime Movie Network on April 16th. "Fifteen years ago, Joanna Kennedy’s life was turned upside down when her three-year-old daughter, Chloe, went missing for six months before being returned. Even though Chloe is now eighteen, Joanna struggles to put the whole ordeal behind her. However, one night, Chloe once again turns up missing. Joanna finds herself searching again for answers and determined to find out if her daughter left of her own volition or has she been kidnapped yet again, and if so, is it at the hands of the woman who abducted her all those years before or someone else…and why?" Alicia Leigh-Willis, Emily Skinner, and Ashley Jones star. Directed by Mike Feifer.

PARKED FOR LOVE (screenplay by Michael Perronne) a romantic comedy on which Michael served as a part of the writing team was shot on location in Oklahoma in October 2020. "A busy travel writer goes glamping at a state park with her best friend and finds herself falling in love with one of the park rangers." Brent Daugherty and Kimberly Daugherty star. Directed by Christine Conradt.

HERE KILLS THE BRIDE, (written by Michael Perronne) was shot on location in Atlanta, GA, and will air on Lifetime Movie Network in June 2022.

GAME, MATCH, LOVE aka PUTTING LOVE TO THE TEST (screenplay by/associate producer/acting appearance by Michael Perronne) was shot on location in New Orleans. Directed by Christine Conradt. "When econ teacher Liz (Prosperi) takes a position at Faraday High, she volunteers to organize Carnival Day. She's paired up with tennis coach Ted (Moss) and although they initially have trouble seeing eye to eye on most things, sparks fly."

TRAPPED IN MY OWN HOME (written by Michael Perronne) was shot on location in Ontario, Canada, and will air on Lifetime Movie Network in June 2023.

DON'T SELL MY BABY! (written by Michael Perronne) will be shot on location in Canada in March 2022.

THE PERFECT IN-LAWS (written by Michael Perronne) will be shot (Location TBA) in 2022.


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